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Jason Wolf of Utah Property Solutions talks about effective real estate marketing and advertising.

There are three critical things in marketing and advertising a property whether it is for sale or rent: location, price and photos.

First, location, location, location. We've all heard it. But it has to be a place where everyone wants to live in. The second critical thing is price. It has to be at the market range that people can afford. The third thing is photos. If a prospective tenant searches for a property online and he just sees photos of toilets, closets full of clothes or any photos that aren't fully optimized, he might just decide to look for another with better, fully optimized pictures.

These three important things in real estate marketing and advertising reflect the process that prospective buyers or tenants follow. First, they choose a location. Then, they set a price range. Last, they look for photos.

Photos are a great investment in real estate marketing, so our team at Utah Property Solutions offers a professional photography and video service. For a small investment, you get professionally taken pictures, and you can keep them for future use.

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