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3 Things to Know About Landlord Rescue in Salt Lake City, UT

3 Things to Know About Landlord Rescue in Salt Lake City, UT

As of 2021, there were over 300,000 renter households in Utah. That number does not include how many people make up a household. It also doesn't consider how long renters stay in one location.

Navigating the laws in Utah can prove challenging for new landlords. It becomes incredibly complicated if you're juggling multiple renters and multiple different properties. One of the best ways to avoid a lawsuit from an angry renter is to get help from landlord rescue services.

Here are three things you should know about landlord rescue in Salt Lake City real estate.

1. Property Maintenance Assistance

Property maintenance is one of the most critical tasks for a management company. Legally speaking, a landlord is required to fix and maintain things like the toilet, hot water access, wiring, and more.

A single landlord will be hard-pressed to handle maintenance for multiple properties - especially if they're spread out across the city. They would have to make numerous calls and line-up visits for each one.

Instead, a property management company provides regular maintenance as a form of landlord rescue service. They'll set up the visits on your behalf while you focus on other matters, such as your day job.

2. Legal Expertise

Another benefit of property management in Salt Lake City is access to legal expertise. Any landlord can hire an attorney to help them with their real estate woes. However, a management company can specifically help you with things like evicting tenants and creating legal documents.

If you're unsure how to deal with a troublesome tenant, let your management company handle it. Any complaints will be filed through them, and they will have legal experts on staff to deal with any complications. Plus, it saves you from overpaying for legal services or hiring the wrong person.

3. Lease Management

Every landlord wants to find the best tenant possible for their property. That means someone who:

  • Pays their rent on time and in full
  • Doesn't commit crimes
  • Follows the rules

Part of finding that kind of tenant means going through an extensive screening process. You'll need to look into their background, including their current job and previous living situation.

On top of that, you may also need help advertising your property to prospective tenants. A property management company can help put your ads up on the right websites and deal with the influx of new applicants.

Landlord Rescue Options in Salt Lake City

Landlord rescue is all about securing your legal rights against tenants who might take advantage of your situation. However, that doesn't mean that your situation takes priority over theirs.

The best thing to do for both of your sakes is to seek out property management services that can make your job easier and provide more consistent assistance for your tenant.

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