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What to Expect During the Tenant Screening Process

What to Expect During the Tenant Screening Process

Whether you're a renter or a landlord, the rental process is tedious. When you think about it, would you want it any other way? Moving into a new space has plenty of questions that need to be answered.

One of those is the tenant screening process. This process is used to make everyone safe and comfortable. Tenant background checks allow property owners and property management to know who they're working with and who they're considering for the property.

If you're getting into real estate investing or you already have rental property let's take a look at the tenant screening process. What should you expect to find out in this process? Follow along below for more information before welcoming new tenants into your property.

Know All Laws and Rights

One of the biggest parts of being part of property management and real estate investment is knowing your rights when renting out a property. You want to familiarize yourself before you even begin looking for tenants. Find out if there is anything specific about Salt Lake City that you might need to abide by.

Be sure that you're keeping accurate records and treating all prospective tenant applications with the same level of respect.

Use a Prescreen Form

Prescreening your tenants will help you and your tenants in the long run. These services help you to weed out those prospective tenants that wouldn't work for your property.

A prescreen or a rental application asks all of the mundane but important questions. It's a great way to verify their references and make sure that they have the income to afford your property. Using a rental application, you'll know that you aren't missing any of the big red flags when searching for a prospective tenant.

Check Prior Rental History

Always make sure you're looking into all prospective tenants. Find out why they're looking for a new home and what their problems may have been with prior landlords. While these will be included in your tenant background check, it is always a great idea to verify all information.

If possible, reference their prior landlords and make sure they are the type of person you're good with having in your property. This will give you the best indication if they are the right type of renters for you.

Make sure they have no prior problems with lease enforcement.

Tenant Screening Is a Valuable Part of the Rental Process

If you're looking to welcome new renters into your property, then tenant screening is vital. Find a process that works best for you and your property management. Help yourself and your tenants all feel safe with the changes and new faces coming into the fold.

If you're in the Salt Lake City area and are looking for further help when it comes to your rental properties, we can be of service. Contact us to get started and feel safe and secure with the hands your property is in.