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What is a D.N.E.?

When you sign a management agreement and entrust us with the management of your investment property, it's important to understand the concept of a DNE, which stands for "do not exceed." 

You may come across this term in various property management companies or owner statements. Essentially, it grants us the authority to make maintenance decisions on your behalf for repairs that fall below a specified dollar amount. This predetermined limit ensures efficiency in handling routine maintenance tasks. 

For instance, different management companies may have different DNE thresholds, ranging from $300 to $2,000. By agreeing to a DNE, you are authorizing us to initiate repairs on your property up to the designated limit without seeking your explicit approval. 

Currently, our DNE is set at $500, which we have recently adjusted considering the rising costs of maintenance and labor. We do not anticipate increasing it further. Rest assured, our intention is to act in your best interest by promptly addressing necessary repairs while respecting the designated limit. 

Should a repair exceed the established DNE of $500, our maintenance team will promptly contact you to discuss the repair in detail and obtain your written approval. It's crucial to emphasize that our intention is not to withhold your involvement or make decisions without your consent. Instead, we aim to spare you the inconvenience of being bothered for minor repairs, such as a $50 smoke detector replacement or a leaky faucet. 

We are committed to ensuring that repairs are handled appropriately and that both you and the resident are satisfied. In the rare event that we make a decision that you strongly disagree with and would not have approved if consulted, I will personally cover the cost of that repair. 

Our goal is to swiftly address resident needs and minimize any disruptions to your daily life. Any repairs exceeding the DNE limit will always involve your input and approval. This is the essence of a do not exceed policy or DNE. Rest assured, at Utah Property Solutions, we prioritize transparency, effective communication, and providing the highest level of service to our clients.