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Finding the right rental for you

Finding the right rental for you

Sometimes searching for a rental home is tough especially if you have any special needs or requirements. Finding the right place for you and your family is very important and something that we understand you don't take lightly. There are a few things to consider when looking at rental properties and even for buying. 

Family friendly- If you have kids you know the importance of looking at things such as the area of the property, the schools, if there are parks, rec centers or other amenities nearby etc. Research some of the places you're considering to make sure you feel comfortable with the surroundings.

Home layout and space- Ask yourself does this home fit our needs and give us enough space? If something like the kitchen is really important to you then make sure the kitchen in your rental provides everything you need to be happy for the length of your lease and hopefully even longer than that. A big trend right now is having "open concept" meaning your family room, kitchen and dining all flow together without any walls in the way. If you're big into entertaining but looking at a home that has separate rooms for the kitchen, family room and the dining room then that may not be a good option for you and you may want to look at more options with an open floor plan. 

Pet friendly- If you own an animal you may have already had a struggle with finding a rental that will allow cats and/or dogs. Most rentals that do allow dogs also have a weight limit and breed rules. This may make finding a rental a lot more difficult especially if you have very specific desires for your home. If you do find a rental that allows your dog/cat then more than likely you will have to pay an additional "pet deposit" and an additional monthly "pet fee". It can add up so make sure you're committed to your furry friend when looking. Also, be very upfront with the Landlord so there are no surprises in the future.

Maintenance- When looking at your future rental you'll want to be honest with yourself about how much maintenance you're willing to do on the rental. For instance if you're not interested in any yard work including mowing the lawn then you might be better suited for an apartment or condo with no yard maintenance. If you're looking at a single family home you will probably be responsible for some light yard work. Most rentals also require that you are responsible for light bulb replacement, drain maintenance and furnace filter replacement. 

Overall every property is different and every renter is different. You know what will work for your needs best and what are your "must haves" and "deal breakers". Don't ever feel pressured or caught up in the moment with making a decision on a rental, it's a big decision and you should make sure you look at all aspects. Utah Property Solutions has many rental properties to accommodate many different situations and needs. Call us today to see if we can help you in your search!