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HVAC & AC Service, Video by Utah Property Solutions

Hi, Jason Wolf. Utah Property Solutions. And I want to talk to you about one of our additional services that we offer. Now, if you are on our pricing page and you're clicking on this video or if you're just somewhere else on our website and come across this video, basically you'll see our packages. They're very all inclusive. They cover everything from A to Z. But we do have some additional services that you can elect to take. And you can see a list of them on our resources page. However, this particular plan that we have includes a ... It's a yearly furnace or air conditioning tune up. And the reason why I implemented this in 2017 is because our lease requires tenants to replace the furnace filters for example. And it is so challenging to get them to go to Home Depot or to get on Amazon and to order furnace filters and to change them every two to three months. There's a lot of companies out there called Filter Easy that will ... They'll mail every 60 days or whatever cadence you want. They'll mail a new furnace filter to the property. But to get the tenants to actually change the filter is really challenging. And it's a challenge that every property management company faces. And so as an industry, we're trying to find different solutions.

What I have decided to do is we have partnered with an HVAC company and what they're going to do is at a deep discount, they are going to, if we put you on this plan, what will happen is they will go out every fall and every winter ... Or every spring, excuse me. So right before it gets cold, in the fall, it's usually in October, they're going go out. They're going to call the tenant. They're going schedule. They're going to go in and they're going do a tune up on your furnace. They're going to clean it. They're going to make sure the furnace filter's been changed. They're going to make sure that there's proper gas flows. That everything's safe and tidied up for the winter when it comes, okay? Then in the spring, they're going to go out and do the same thing for the air conditioner. Now again, in some of our other plans that we offer, this is an additional service. In some of our plans, it's included.

But this is important because a couple of things. At least twice a year we know that your furnace filter's getting changed. And then when we do our interior inspection, our in house interior inspection, we're checking the furnace filter. So there's three times that we're checking your furnace filter with this plan. As you know, furnace filters can cause the most damage. Put the most stress on your forced air unit. So then what will happen is so they'll go out ... So let me step back. So there's three times that your filters are being checked.

Not only that, is if you've watched our other inspection video, we go in and do a ... Once a year, we do an inspection, okay? But our HVAC company has been trained to look for tenant issues. So when they're in there, they're actually our eyes and ears as well. Sometimes we have tenants complain that they're not happy with something that we're doing. Or that something's not being fixed. Or that they're seeing a dog. Our vendors know that most of our properties don't allow dogs. Again, that's something that the owner can decide. But they don't ... They know that the majority don't allow dogs. So if they see a dog, they'll usually shoot us a text or give us a call and say, "Hey, Jason, I noticed a dog. Don't know if it's supposed to be there or not. But just wanted to give you a heads up." So my point being is that you're getting another set of eyes and ears in there a couple more times a year, which is a great investment.

So this particular service is you can elect to have them go in and do just your furnace and your AC or just one of them. Whatever it might be. It's something that's available to you. And also, if there is work that needs to be done then our HVAC company discounts that because you're on this plan. They, of course, like it because during the slow months, they're able to stay busy. And if there's work that needs to be done, they'll discount it. And so that savings, of course, is passed on to you.

So anyway, long video. I apologize about our furnace and our air conditioning maintenance plans that we have. If you want more information, just reach out. I'll be happy to send it over to you. Again, Jason Wolf. Utah Property Solutions. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.