Welcome to our unique Transparency Page. This page has been eagerly anticipated by our team, and we are thrilled to share our analytics and take transparency to a whole new level. While many companies make claims, we are ready to back up our words with action.

On this page, you will have convenient access to assess our online presence on platforms like Google and Yelp. We provide analytic reports that summarize our overall communication with owners, tenants, and vendors. Additionally, you can find a summary of our pricing, copies of our management agreement, and more. We are dedicated to keeping this page regularly updated, including anticipated changes to our management agreement, allowing you to plan ahead.

Utah Property Solutions is built upon three fundamental principles: Integrity, Transparency, and Service. This page serves as yet another demonstration of our unwavering commitment to transparency.

In the know!

In a saturated market with over 60 property management companies in Utah, we strive to distinguish ourselves by providing exceptional care for property owners and ensuring the satisfaction of tenants. Here are some key factors that differentiate us from the competition:

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- Month-to-month management agreements
- Transparent website with pricing
- Communication Guarantee
- Quarterly owner and resident survey
- No reserves or set up fees
- No charge annual inspections
- Weekly vacancy owner updates
- We haven’t had any evictions.
- 100% on time rent collection through covid

On the horizon…

We are excited to announce some upcoming changes to our property management services that will further enhance our offerings and benefit both property owners and residents. Here are the details:

1) Enhanced Landscaping Monitoring: In order to ensure the upkeep and beauty of the properties we manage, we will now be providing additional landscaping monitoring services. This includes drive-by property checks during the hotter months to address any landscaping issues promptly. Additionally, starting this summer, we will introduce a dedicated landscaping service, further enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the properties.

2) In-House Technician: To expedite service repairs and improve resident satisfaction, we have recently welcomed an in-house technician to our team. This addition has proven highly beneficial as it allows us to address regularly occurring, less complex service repair items swiftly. The timely repairs have had a significant positive impact, reducing resident turnover and fostering a more comfortable living experience.

3) Absorbing Inflationary Charges: We are proud to share that we have successfully absorbed a significant portion of the inflationary charges without passing them along to our clients. This demonstrates our commitment to providing exceptional service while minimizing the financial burden on property owners.

4) Price Stability: We understand the importance of pricing stability and want to reassure our clients that we do not anticipate any changes to our pricing structure throughout the latter half of 2023. This commitment allows property owners to plan their budgets with confidence and ensures transparency and consistency in our services.

These upcoming changes reflect our continuous efforts to enhance our property management services, prioritize customer satisfaction, and provide value to both property owners and residents. We look forward to implementing these improvements and delivering an even better property management experience.

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Company KPIs

Part of our commitment to transparency is sharing some of our Key Performance Indicators. On a regular basis we have property owners call us and one of their top 3 concerns is “how long is going to take to hear back from someone if my myself of a resident calls or emails?”. “I call my current property management company and I never hear back from them.”. Well, click the links below and see for yourself. Our email/ticketing system tracks everything from how long it takes us to open an email, reply and resolve.

HIGHLIGHTS: We are currently averaging 70 new emails per day. This is not maintenance requests, just general incoming inquiries. Our busiest day of the week is Monday. Our average Replies to Resolution is 2.29. Our average handle time is 4 minutes and 48 seconds. We also receive feedback on the tone of our email conversations with our top three tones being detected as confident, friendly, and optimistic.

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